Saleslady's weekend radio hours in Lau Village Shop

  • Adult fee 8 €

    Discount fee 6 €

    Family fee 16 €

On Saturdays and Sundays from October to February

In 1930-s only those who were well-off could afford such a luxury item as a radio. Those who had managed to get one for the household wanted to share their joy and would often invite village folk to have a look at their new radio and listen to the shows. Likewise, the saleslady of Lau village shop will be glad to have visitors over to listen to modern music or the news of the day together on her brand new radio.

Having listened to the news, one can buy hard candy or chocolate, thread and needles or fabric for a blouse, mugs and soap and whatever one needs.

At the seamstress’ room skilled master crafter Taimi Puus will teach Hardanger and Richelieu embroidery as well as hemstitch techniques. Workshops can be arranged on agreement, please register in advance + 372 53 451 660.