Bread making at Härjapea farm

  • Adult fee 8 €

    Discount fee 6 €

    Family fee 16 €

April 5-7, 2019

At 3 o’clock on Friday afternoon we set the leaven to ferment and have the dough ready for the first rise. Leaven will be sold in Kolu Inn for any housewife to make bread dough at home.

On Saturday morning we are kneading the dough, which is truly gruelling and time-consuming. We then leave the dough to rise again behind the stove, heat up the stove and put the bread in to bake. To make the bread especially tasty and soft, we’ll cover it with a fur coat afterwards.

On Sunday fresh rye bread can be tasted!

The housewives of the Härjapea farm bake their bread using Veski-Mati flour!