Expert assessments and evaluations

Why are expert assessments of artworks ordered? An expert assessment helps to determine if the piece is an original, if its signature belongs to its true author, the period of its origin, and its historical or cultural value.

Kanut offers expert assessment on different items with cultural value – furniture, silverware, porcelain, toys, different collectibles, archaeology, antiques. We thoroughly investigate the information regarding an object and contact other museums, archives, research institutions and experts, if necessary.

Why should historical items be evaluated? If you wish to insure or sell an item or simply want to know the value of the pieces of art or other antiques in your possession, then you can order an evaluation of their market value from Kanut.

How much do assessments and evaluations cost? The price of an expert assessment and an evaluation of the market value first and foremost depends on the complexity of the task, i.e. the time spent on preparing them. This is why an initial price is agreed on with the client. If the capacity of work is significantly bigger or smaller than estimated, then the customer is notified immediately and a further plan of action is agreed on.