Digitisation allows to maintain, preserve and share exciting information and to use it several ways:

  • to ensure the preservation of documents, photographs, pieces of art even when their original materials decay;
  • to make sure old data media – diapositives, glass plate negatives, films – for which there are no modern utilisation devices – can be seen and used by those interested;
  • to enable to share old farm maps, genealogical trees, family albums, etc. with friends, relatives and other interested parties;
  • to ensure that information about three-dimensional objects is also available in an electronic form.

In Kanut, you can digitise paintings, graphic art, drawings, documents, manuscripts, sheets of music, maps, photographs, photographical negatives, diapositives, glass plate negatives, recordings. We also digitize three-dimensional objects, such as clothes, furniture, ceramics and glass items, bindings, etc. Digitisation does not damage the original, nor does it compromise its integrity.

We prepare TIFF and/or JPEG files, and PNG-files if requested, according to the customer’s wishes for viewing and using the items. This creates a multitude of new usage opportunities for the items – for example, you can prepare an exhibition of the photographs of your ancestors, print an old family sign on a T-shirt, make an e-postcard to a friend, using an interesting drawing from several decades ago.

  • Old documents, photographs, etc. often need conserving before their digitization to ensure the best solution for their preservation – Kanut can help in this matter as well.
  • We prepare the most suitable casings, boxes, etc. for the preservation of small items.
  • When digitising objects, we also provide a list of works done in case it is of interest to the next generations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiries and orders.

We give initial advice, agree on a meeting, evaluate the extent of conservation/restoration works, make a price proposal and give you the timeframe of works.


Examples of completed works

In agreement with donators and owners, you can order high-quality digital images from Kanut for preparing near-original reproductions on canvas and paper.


Harry H. Wesik’s painting Kihnu hülgekütid (canvas 51x41) has been digitised on the request of Kihnu Museum.

Kihnu Museum decided to make a permanent exhibition of the reproductions of original pieces, considering the value of the collection of Kihnu’s nativists and the conditions in the exhibition hall. The project included the preparation of 28 near-original reproductions on canvas and paper in valuable frames. The paintings were collected with the help of SA Avatud Kihnu Fond and private collections. The exhibition features artists M. Mätas, J. Oad and G. Vidrik. It can be visited in Kihnu Museum all year round.



A glass plate negative displaying folk instrument players Otto Hiiob and Kristjan Joak has been digitised on the request of the Estonian Theatre and Music Museum. Photograph by J. Parikas.

We digitise high-quality glass plate negatives, using a technology following official requirements on this type of negatives.