Conservation and restoration

You can conserve and restore very different objects at Kanut – wooden, metal, textile, paper, glass as well as mixed materials. We help to preserve pieces of art, furniture, ceramics, photographs, etc.

In case of conservation, we find the best solution to preserve an item for a long period of time by mending minor faults, preventing further damage and preparing a protective casing. Restoration is a more time-consuming job. This includes the preparation of missing details as near-original manner as possible, so that the object would look quite like it did during its early days.

Today, conservation is often the preferred option – it allows to claim a 100% original and this is a statement of value. Restoration is reasonable when one wishes to put the item into active use – for example, it is reasonable to replace a missing chair leg. So, the nature and state of an object and the customer’s wishes help to determine the right technique.

Kanut considers all of this and offers the best solution. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions and orders. We give initial advice, agree on a meeting, evaluate the extent of conservation/restoration works, make a price proposal and give you the timeframe of works.