Centre Kanut, which has had different names over the time, has been active for over thirty years. In 1986, the predecessor of Kanut, the National Restoration Centre, was established on the basis of the Estonian Open Air Museum, the National Museum of Art, and conservators of the National Library of Estonia. In 1989, the centre was named as Conservation Centre Kanut.

In 2014, the Estonian Open Air Museum and Conservation Centre Kanut joined and formed one foundation, and the name Conservation and Digitisation Centre Kanut has been used since then.

Irrespective of its name, Kanut has been active in one field – the objects of cultural value. During the years, the skills and services of Kanut have been used the most by the museums of Estonia. However, other institutions and individuals have found their way to Kanut as well. The hands of our experts have restored the original value of thousands of bigger and smaller objects. They have made their beauty visible or they have stopped their destruction process.

As from 2006, the services offered by Kanut include also digitising photos, negatives, printed matter, documents, paintings, and different other items. Tens of thousands of digital files created in Kanut make it possible to study, enjoy and recreate valuable items without taking these out of the respiratory and damaging in any way.

The doors of Kanut are open to everybody who needs help with arranging or digitizing objects of cultural value or emotionally valuable objects. Kanut is a lot more than just conservation, restoration and digitising. For further information about the activities of Kanut, the services it offers and how to find us, please view the menu on left.


Kalev Uustalu
Conservation Director


The celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the Centre Kanut include the following events:


Exhibition "Fire and Water"

May 18 - September 28 on the thresing floor of Pulga farm

The exhibition will be opened within the celebrations of 30th anniversary of the Conservation and Digitisation Centre Kanut in the Estonian Open Air Museum on the threshing floor of Pulga farm. The exhibition demonstrates the damage fire and extinguishing water can cause to the objects of cultural value.


Conference “Is it possible to improve the value of culture?”

December 1, 2016

Below you will find some of the topics to be discussed at the conference:

  • Current situation of conservation of cultural heritage in
  • Estonia and conservators in Estonian museums.
  • Aims and possibilities of digitizing cultural heritage.
  • Conservation and digitising in centres established for that purpose.
  • Preparation of conservators in the Estonian system of vocational education and higher education.
  • Professional level of conservators.
  • Society of Estonian Conservators.

The working language will be Estonian at the conference.