Conservation and Digitisation Centre Kanut

Conservation and Digitisation Centre Kanut is – like the name says – a competence centre of conservation, restoration and digitising. We provide services related to the objects with cultural value both for individuals and museums as well as other memory institutions.

  • we examine the object to confirm the state of it and to find the cause of the damage;
  • we develop methods for conservation;
  • we perform the conservation and restoration work;
  • we digitise objects with cultural value, including for making reproductions;
  • we provide expert evaluations;
  • we organise conferences and seminars;
  • we compile professional standards for conservators and give exams;
  • we provide heritage protection of cultural monuments;
  • we publish a magazine “Renovatum Anno…” and other professional materials.

Our department of knowledge in which we can help: paintings, furniture and wooden objects, metal, paper, textile, bindings and leather, ceramics, glass and rock.