Light meals

Dill pickles

1,20 €

(Homemade at Kolu inn)


5,40 €

(Served with sour cream, warm potatoes, onion, tomato, cucumber)


Pea soup

4,50 €

(Peas, onion, pork shank, groat, carrot)

Main courses

Roast pork

9,20 €

(Roast pork, boiled potatoes, sauerkraut, dill pickles, cowberry-apple jam)

Mulgipuder - mashed potatoes with barley groats

4,70 €

(Potatoes, barley groats, pan-fried smoked pork, onion, sour cream, dill pickles)

Herring sauce

5,70 €

(Salted Herring served with boiled potatoes and cottage cheese-sour cream sauce with tomatoes, cucumber and onion)

Home meal

7,20 €

(Pan-fried bacon, eggs, potatoes, onion)

Vegetarian meals

Vegetable stew

5,20 €

(Turnips, carrots, yellow beets, zucchini, paprika, boiled potatoes

Children’s menu

Minced meat gravy

4,20 €

(Served with mashed potatoes and beetroot salad)


Сream cheese with roasted mixed grains

2,70 €

(Cream cheese, whipped cream, roasted mixed grains, cowberry jam)

Kama drink

1,70 €

(Soured milk with sugar and roasted mixed grains - kama flour, sugar)

Oat biscuits

1,70 €

(Oat flakes, butter, sugar)

Barley cake

1,70 €

(Barley flour, soured milk, sour cream, eggs)

White bread with jam or honey

1,70 €

(White bread, honey, strawberry or cowberry jam)


Ask for daily specials every day at 12-15, phone +372 654 9118.